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Work visa

Are you looking towards working in one of the best work culture on European country, then Poland is the best option to consider.
The economy of Poland is an industrialized, mixed economy with a developed market that serves as the sixth-largest in the European Union (EU). Poland is classified as a high-income economy by the World Bank and ranks 22nd worldwide in terms of GDP. Poland has a highly diverse economy that ranks 21st in the 2017 Economic Complexity Index. Poland’s industrial base was concentrated in the coal, textile, chemical, machinery, iron, and steel sectors. Today it extends to fertilizers, petrochemicals, machine tools, electrical machinery, electronics, car manufacture, and shipbuilding. Poland is one of the finest European Union and is looking for more trades workers. While working in Poland, you will get a chance to convert it into a European union blue card. Get a PR visa within 5 years of stay.


    Why to choose Poland than other Gulf countries
    * Work culture is far better than other countries.
    * Getting paid on time
    * Sophisticated lifestyle
    * Access to travel to other European countries and Lesser crowd
    * Able to convert into a permanent residence visa
    * Free medical benefits

    Benefits of holding Poland visa
    * Get Permanent Residency within 5 years
    * Free Schengen travel in 35 countries
    * Renewable visa(depends on employer satisfaction

    Highly demanded occupations
    IT professional
    Warehouse workers
    Construction workers
    Baby sitter
    Meat processing worker

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